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We can issue a certificate confirming you have completed the worksheets and reflection associated with sections of this website.


what we certify

The Certificate is a confirmation from us that you have engaged with the content of the website or Handbook, reflected on it, and made relevant connections to your own practice. It is not formally accredited by any third party or organisation. We hope you find the Certificate useful in keeping records of your reflection on practice. Certificates may be accepted by your employer as evidence of professional development hours. We recommend you clarify this with your managers.

three levels of certification

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates, depending on how many sections of the website / Handbook you have completed. You can go straight to Gold level if you meet the requirements, or you can work your way through each level. Previously certified work (eg. for Bronze) counts towards your next level Certificate, so you don't have to do the same worksheets more than once.


Demonstrate understanding of key concepts and application in relation to outcomes.

This will take 3-4 hours to complete.

Complete Essence of impactful partnership and outcomes as learning sections and associated worksheets.


Demonstrate understanding of key concepts and application in relation to outcomes and one other aspect.

This will take 6-7 hours to complete.

Complete requirements of Bronze Certificate plus worksheets from one additional section of your choice - living partnership practices or pathways for expertise.


Demonstrate understanding of key concepts and application across all aspects covered in the website / Handbook.

This will take 8-10 hours to complete.

Complete requires of Silver Certificate plus worksheets from the remaining section.

NB. These certificates are issued to individuals. The enhancing partnership practices section does not have to be completed because it is designed to help groups of practitioners and managers working together to improve services. Any group using this part of the website or Handbook and wishing to have their work certified may contact Nick or fill out the form below.

certification requirements

To earn a certificate you have to read the relevant sections of the website or Handbook, and then complete each associated worksheet. Your submitted worksheets will be assessed for evidence that you have engaged with required content, understood the key concepts appropriately, and made relevant connections to your own practice. The Table below provides a summary of what you need to complete for each level. 

Cert table used.png

How to claim your certificate

Claiming your certificate is easy and free of charge! You just need to email us with the relevant information and attachments.

In your email state your full name, job title, the organisation you work for, which level of Certificate you are applying for, and whether you we have issued any Certificates to you in the past. You should also explicitly confirm the number of hours you have spent completing the relevant work. This should be at least the number of hours specified  for each level (Bronze 3-4 hours, Silver 6-7 hours, Gold 8-10 hours).

Attach to your email a copy of each completed worksheet. You can complete the worksheets by editing the pdfs, or you can add your comments by hand and then take a photo or scan your finished work. 

If you are applying for a Silver or Gold Certificate and you have already been given a lower level Certificate, you must attach the relevant Certificate(s) so we know you have completed those requirements.

If possible, in your email please also include a sentence or two that we can add to our testimonials page, describing how you have found these resources to be useful to you in practice.

Our email address is betterfutureswebsite@gmail.com - if you have any queries you can email us directly or use the form below.

Creating better futures certificate FAQs

Are these Certificates ratified by the University of Technology Sydney or any accrediting body?

No. There are currently no formal credits applied to these Certificates and they are not ratified by any organisation. However your work in completing the requirements may be recognised as counting towards your professional development hours or activity. We suggest consulting with your manager to clarify this.

How long will it take for my Certificate to be issued after I submit the relevant documentation?

We aim to issue Certificates within 28 days of receiving complete information and necessary attachments.

Is my Certificate guaranteed if I complete the relevant worksheets?

No. Worksheets are not scored or graded, but your work will be checked by us to ensure it engages authentically with the content from the website or Handbook. If there are conceptual errors we will get back to you and help to clarify where needed. Worksheets that do not demonstrate engagement with the relevant concepts and content will be returned and no Certificate issued.

Can I re-submit if I don't get my Certificate the first time?

Yes. You can re-submit your work after you have made changes, and you can email us if you're unsure what you need to do. 

If I get my Bronze Certificate, do I have to do worksheets 1-3 and 13-14 again?

No. Work done as part of completing Bronze or Silver Certificates does not need to be re-submitted. For example, if you already have a Bronze Certificate and are applying for a Silver one, you only need to submit Worksheets 4-7 or 8-12 and to attach your Bronze Certificate as evidence of prior work completed. 

What do the Certificates cost?

There is currently no charge for assessing submitted work and issuing Certificates.

How will I receive my Certificate?

You will be emailed a pdf. We do not issue printed Certificates, but you are welcome to print your Certificate if you wish. If you get to Gold level, you might like to frame it and hang it on the wall!

Do I have to submit a testimonial?

No. This is optional and your choice to do so or not will have no influence of the assessment of your work for Certification purposes.

If you have a question about claiming your Certificate...

... fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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